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 Amoroga Clan {W.I.P}

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Apollo Amoroga

Apollo Amoroga

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PostSubject: Amoroga Clan {W.I.P}   Sun Jul 25, 2010 11:20 pm

Name: Amoroga Clan (Hell Hounds)

Clan Symbol:

Clan History: Coming

Kekkie Genkai: Adagan/ "Way of the Wolf" Transformation/ "Enter the Beast"


.The Adagan is a special eye that is a gift to those cursed by the beast. For starters It allows then to always remain completely unaffected by any genjutsu at all times. With the eye active the user can see in different spectums such as night vision, and even infered, to the extent of seeing heat trails and items recently touched and an enhanced range of sight such of Hinata's own byakugan and even chakra siguitures well enough to distiguish clones from an original. The Adagan also allows the user to memorize whatever it gazes upon and see things in great detail even if they are moving at great speeds. This allows them to see a jutsu and copy it sometimes through no training at all.

"Entering the Beast"
.Here the Amoroga can enter a Half beast state incresing their senses, strength, speed, and agility, but not to the extent of the Way of the Wolf. It basically transforms them like naruto's one tail cloak does him. By increasing their K9's and pointing thier teeth, growing their nails into sharp claws, and pointing thier ears. Here they have their adagan active and basically puts them a step above naruto's cloak in strength.

"The Way of the Wolf"
. This is often refered to as Lycanthropy and those afflicted sometimes reffered to as Lycans. This is a blood line ability or power as some have it, or curse as others say. It makes the user 5x stonger then humans when in human form, and 10x faster while in human form while also increasing their agility a great deal, reaction speed, and hightening the sense to an great degree. It also grants a remarkable healing factor allowing cuts to heal in minutes and broken bones hours instead of months. This power can be taken a step further and the User can activate 'The Way of the Wolf" transformation technique. This can be preformed by the user at anytime of their choosing and happens in seconds. It seems to gain power under a Full Moon but does not require it. Here, the clan memebr can make a full transformation into a wolf/man and become a werewolf. They physically change and become larger, and increadibly stronger and faster and are able to take much more damage without much actual lasting damage for it heals at astonishing rates in this form. The eyes go completely white but retain the adagans abilities allowing the user to remeber exactly what happened in this form in detail that they may have missed at the time. In this form the user losses human speech but retains human level intelligence and can understand it. It has a risk of being overused and the user possibly not being able to return to humna form. The user also losses the ability to preform almost all jutsu in this form maintaing olny a few, usually element, abilities, that are basic and require no hand signs in this form. A side effect is that although this is a very powerful technique, if someone is bitten by an Amoroga in this form and survives, then they gain the "Way of the Wolf Transformation" but nothing else.

*This clan is completely immune to genjutsu and as a result the clan is completely unable to use genjutsu.*

."Way of the Wolf Transformation"
.Predetor Tracking
Description: By focusing, the user can literally feel the surrounding area and know exactly how many people/animals are around, where they are, and even feel how much chakra they have and their elemental affinities. This can be givin greater range if they have a scent, then they can focus and feel the person they are tracking, and if they are far they will see a scent trail uniqure to their chakra affinites leading to them and when they are close enough they can feel everything about a the person, from how tired they are to how hungary as well as their chakra types and exact location.
. "Entering The Beast"

Summoning:(template givin)

Clan defense:
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Amoroga Clan {W.I.P}
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