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 Tsukihara Clan

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Nick Tsukihara

Nick Tsukihara

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PostSubject: Tsukihara Clan   Sun Jun 27, 2010 7:12 am

Name: Tsukihara

Clan Symbol: The Tsukihara have no symbol, being very secretive by nature. And it's not very easy to hide whether a person is or is not one.

Clan History: The Tsukihara clan are a fairly recent bloodline compared to most, but it's difficult to guage how old they are, due to the appearances of their members. All of the members of the clan resemble very chubby children with fox features, regardless of their actual age. The clan is said to have been born when their first member, in an attempt to create a new sealing method, ate a fox spirit. The jutsu used for this is no longer of help to them, but all of his descendants have taken on their distinct form.

Kekkie Genkai: First and foremost, due to their biology, members of the Tsukihara clan are not fully subject to old age. Though they aren't truly immortal. They don't show signs of aging, and have no real cap, but older members health will decline if they don't work hard to keep it up. The sight of a small child complaining about arthritis sometimes bewilders those not used to the clan. As a result, the average member lives to about 150, with far greater ages not being unheard of. Lifespan aside, the Tsukihara have inherited quite a bit from their ancestor, and they are able to learn illusionary jutsu in about half the time as other clans. There is a downside however; they cannot have Spirits or Bijuu sealed into them. This is due to their ancestors sealing method, which has for all intents and purposes made them half-Fox themselves.


Tail Chakra: A simple Taijutsu skill that enables the user to use their tail as an arm or leg for jutsu.

Belly Bash: A Taijutsu in which the user fills their stomach with chakra, puffing it up even larger, and ramming the opponent with it. Nick's version of this Jutsu is called the "Grandpa Belly Bash" as his larger stomach causes it to deal more damage.

Kitsunetsuki: The user charges chakra into their tail and swings it, creating a mist of energy. Those that are caught in the Genjutsu will enter a dream-like trance.

Chakra Gulp: The user inhales and begins to suck in chakra from their air and surroundings. Besides replenshing them a little, it allows them to swallow weak energy and elemental based jutsu. Though powerful ones will give them a horrible stomach ache and may knock them out.

Bijuu Consumption: The sealing jutsu that created the Tsukihara clan. This technique was devised by Nick, and he has not taught it to any of the other clan members. Those of the bloodline are incapable of using it, as their connection to the Calamity Fox fills their bijuu "slot". Though Nick could teach it to others if he wanted to, but this is highly unlikely. This move is also far inferior to the usual sealing method, and so most probably wouldn't want it even if he was willing.

Clan defense: The clan is very secretive, and most don't even know who it's leader is. Some are honest about Nick's position, others instead say he is the youngest member. The clan generally settle their own affairs, and only seek outside help in the most dire of emergencies. Though in such a case they will usually go to the Summoned Foxes instead, being close friends to the family. Despite this, though, the Tsukihara are very friendly with the other villagers, if not quiet about their own matters.

(Anyone who wants to be a Tsukihara can, no need to ask permission or anything. Though you should PM me after. Since the clan is so secretive I can fill you in on anything important that's come up.)
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Kucarugi Minaru
Kucarugi Minaru

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PostSubject: Re: Tsukihara Clan   Sun Jun 27, 2010 8:13 am

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Tsukihara Clan
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