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 gragun the dragon of steel

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dragoon master dj

dragoon master dj

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PostSubject: gragun the dragon of steel   Wed Jul 14, 2010 10:26 am

name: gragun the dragon of steel

rank: A


description: gragun is the only dragon whos body is made of metal although people think that his scales and skin are the only parts metal that just give him the look of a robot dragon inside he has organs etc. like a real dragon this is because when gragun was young he would always stumble into the crystal caves of mount dragunikizo and feed on the scared crystals that naturally grew there giving his steel and metal like skin which also gives him an extra defense


iron scale shuriken
rank: B
damage: 45
description: gragun fires some of his steel scales like shuriken

claw reaver
rank: C
damage: 35
description: using his metal claws gragun simply slices up the foe with them

industrial exhaust
rank: A
damage: 80
description: gragun emits "silver" flames from his mouth at the foe but it only looks like flames really it is a smoke screen and within the smoke screen are tiny little metal shards that swirl around the victim slicing them up to ribbons

wings of silver
damage: 65
description: using his iron wings like blades on his back gragun will slice the foe with them

silver destruction
rank: A
damage: 85
description: gragun exhales a silver mist by infusing his breath with chakra and some of his metal skin inside the mist are tiny micro nano sized nanobots which were hhidden in the crystals gragun ate these nano bots land on the victim and start devouring the victim they can only be seen with ocular doujutsu like sharingan byakugan rinnegan drakinkyugan etc. and they can be destroyed with lightning chakra
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Kucarugi Minaru
Kucarugi Minaru

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PostSubject: Re: gragun the dragon of steel   Wed Jul 14, 2010 10:35 am

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gragun the dragon of steel
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