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 the hydra dragon

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dragoon master dj

dragoon master dj

Posts : 47
Join date : 2010-06-21
Age : 23
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PostSubject: the hydra dragon   Tue Jul 13, 2010 2:44 pm

name: the hydra dragon

rank: S


description: currently the hydra dragon is said to be one of the strongest if not the strongest dragon of mount dragunikizo and is vvery angered easily im the dagon king and it gave me trouble for him to allow me to summon him he is a gigantic 7 headed dragon much like the ancient mythical greek creature the Hydra and is a special type of summoning just like the red hounds that pain used Hydra is capable of human speech and is bounded together by a self replicating jutsu meaning every time Hydra is killed/harmed/damaged Hydra will not die but rather simply Hydra will just grow one more head and continue just like how the greek creature Hydra would simply grow another head when one of its heads were cut off also Hydra can seperate into 7 one headed dragons and so on and so forth if he has more heads also each head posseses the powers of one element fire,water,earth,lightning,wing,light and darkness when one head is slain the head the grows back with the other gains that element for example say you damage/sever the head that uses darkness when it grows another head and keeps the damaged head the newly grown head will also utilize darkness this sounds extremley powerful except Hydra does have weaknesses Hydra cant be killed but he can be incapacitated or knocked unconcious also if he grows to many heads he will be forced to seperate into 1 headed dragons to keep growing more heads and also he can only use up to 2 of his techniques per turn

fire head: searing migraine
rank: S
nature: fire
damage: 85
description: hydra's fire head emits a giant fireball from its mouth when it hits something on contact it explodes into a 10 meter wide explosion of flames

wind head: pressure damage
rank: S
nature: wind
damage: 90
description hydra's wind head emits a gigantic sphere of comrpressed air at the foe able to make holes through trees and destroy foes

lightning head: voltic burst
rank: A
nature: lightning
damage: 75
description: hydra's lightning head fires a giant blue ball of lightning that can destroy a 5 meter crater in the earth very powerful

earth head: mud slide
rank: A
nature: earth
damage: 80
description: hydra's earth head emits a giant wave of mud from its mouth causing a massive mud slide at the foe drowining them

dark head: shadow ball shotgun
rank: B
nature: darkness
damage: 65
description: the dark head fires a rapid shot of 5 basketball sized shadow balls at the foe bunting the foe

light head: blinding ray
rank: A
nature: light
damage: 55
description: the light head emits a bright beam of light at the foe the light is so intense if looked at the foe will be blinded for 3 turns

dragon art: scale shuriken
rank: C
damage: 15
description: hydra fires some of his scales as shuriken

dark head: stream of destruction
rank: A
nature: darkness
damage: 80
description: the dark head fires a burst stream of black and purple dark matter at the foe doing major damage

wind head fire head combo: flaring hurricane
rank: S
natures: fire and wind
damage: 100
description: both the wind and fire heads fire prssure damage and searing migraine the wind ball hits the fire sphere exploding into a massive flaming hurricane swirling the foe in flames

water head: hydra's flood
rank: A
nature: water
damage: 85
description: the water head fires a large blast of hydro water flooding the foe

fire head earth head combo: magma tsunami
rank: S
natures: earth and fire
damage: 95
description: the earth head fires a mud slide and the fire head blasts streams of fire into the mud the mud and fire combine into a tidal wave of molting magma to incinerate the foe

lightning head water head combo: electric wave crash
rank: S
natures: water and lightning
damage:: 85
description: the water head fires a stream of water at the foe and the lightning head runs electric currents through the water electrifying the foe

water head earth head combo: tsunami of the earth
rank: A
natures: water and earth
damage: 80
description: the earth head fires a mud slide and the water head emits a flash flood of water creating a larger mud slide

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Kucarugi Minaru
Kucarugi Minaru

Posts : 113
Join date : 2010-06-18

PostSubject: Re: the hydra dragon   Tue Jul 13, 2010 3:01 pm

doesnt he seem a little to strong???
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dragoon master dj

dragoon master dj

Posts : 47
Join date : 2010-06-21
Age : 23
Location : where do YOU THINK IM AT!!? O>O

PostSubject: Re: the hydra dragon   Wed Jul 14, 2010 10:17 am

he has weaknesses one even though he cant die but multiply he can still be incapacitated.....like knocking unconcious is one example 2. he can only use up to 2 of his jutsus in 1 turn if he does a combo attack like wind head fire head combo that counts as 2 attacks so thats all he can do in one turn
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PostSubject: Re: the hydra dragon   

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the hydra dragon
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