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 Dj Dragonia

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dragoon master dj

dragoon master dj

Posts : 47
Join date : 2010-06-21
Age : 23
Location : where do YOU THINK IM AT!!? O>O

PostSubject: Dj Dragonia   Wed Jul 07, 2010 10:36 pm

Name: Dj Dragonia

Age: 15

Height: 5'10

Weight: 141 pounds


Rank: leader of Akatsuki/ S rank criminal

fire style: dragon palm technique
lightning style: thunder dragon whip
kenjutsu dragon art: blade of the dragon
taijutsu dragon art: rising dragon of the zodiac
dragon art: chakra manipulation
dragon art: scale shuriken
dragon art: rain of the dragon fangs
dragon art: dragoon hurricane
dragon art: dragons in arms
dragon art: shadow dragon army
forbidden dragon art: dark dragon release
dragon art: dragon god of the underworld
dragon art: dragon godess
dragon art: dragon capture jar
dragon art: dragon illusionary hounds
dragon art: Drakin's nightmare
eternal dragon art perfect genjutsu: Shirinami's flight
eternal dragon art: dark dragon shuriken
eternal dragon art: heart of a dragon
eternal dragon art: dark dragon shield
eternal dragon art: spacial dragons portal
sealing jutsu: nine phantoms dragon seal

Zaiken the dragon knight
the galaxius dragon
demonic statue of the outer path (im leader of Akatsuki)
Crisuko the crimson flare dragon
Gragun the dragon of steel

Jinchuuriki/Bijuu Info
Tailed Beast: Juuichi (11 tailed demon
dragon) (nicknamed Drago) his true name is Dorgao but i nickname him Drago
Village of Origin: Dragongakure (dragon
valley village)
Current Host and Village: Dj Dragonia dragongakure
of Sealing: was not sealed it was created within Dj when he was born
due to having a "unknown" special chakra network will explain in



Inherent Abilities:
the jinchuriki has the
power to use the fire jutsus even if the fire nature isnt one of there
chakra natures they will also be able to have acess to the bijuu's
chakra supply increasing their overall capacity they can also do partial
transformations of Drago for advantages like his wings for flight or
tails for extra limbs

bijuu description/info: Drago was the only
bijuu to ever be "created along with his jinchuriki" when Dj Dragonia
was checked by medics they told his parents that about 65% of his chakra
network was entagled and constricted and formed a sort of "circular
shape" in the middle of his body this was the first time they ever seen
this but Dj could still use chakra like normal people so his parents
didn't worry until around the age of 2 Dj seemed more evil like and
actually liked torturing people he hated which was odd especially for
someone whos only 2 so the medics checked again when they looked right
where the circular form that the entangled chakra network was forming
there was a young baby dragon that was grayish black and had 11 tails
they found someone with the byakugan to see what it was the hyuuga
member stated it was overflowing with chakra and one day was finally
known to be a bijuu and Dj was its jinchuriki its the first time someone
was a jinchuriki whos bijuu was "naturally created within them" he is
also the only jinchuriki to have a "final form" so to speak his full
transformation is the 11 tailed dragon his final form is a giant demonic
skeleton dragon of death

Tailed Forms:
Note: In all tailed
forms, power, defense, and stamina are increased with each stage

jinchuriki form: the jinchuriki has Drago's blackish chakra aura
enveloping them though not as a chakra cloak the jinchuriki's fangs
lengthen,there nails grow sharp and there muscles are strengthened
dramatically making taijutsu attacks stronger than regular or even basic
punches and kicks


tail: the jinchuriki gains a cloak of Drago's chakra and forms 1 tail
along with 2 appendages made from chakra on there back that represent as
wings they also have 2 horns formed from chakra they can use to
headbutt enemies the jinchuriki's skin is harder than normal increasing
defense and attack

two tails: the jinchuriki's cloak gains
another tail making 2 tails in this form the jinchuriki's hair lengthens
just a little and there voice grows deeper sort of like a darker tone
like a sinsiter tone in this form the jinchuriki can smack the ground
with one hand and cause a minor tremor

three tails: the cloak is
more concentrated and grows another tail in this form the jinchuriki can
emit a roar which causes a large shockwave around them damaging
enemies, the chakra wings and horns grow a bit more and there voice
sounds even darker than before

four tails: the cloak grows
another tail in this form the jinchuriki's voice now sounds much more
sinister than usual if they smack the ground they can cause a medium
level earthquake and the chakra horns on there head become sharper
rather than lengthen

five tails: the cloak grows another tail in
this form the jinchuriki can fire rounds of scale shuriken made from
Drago's chakra cloak and the wings become larger and voice becomes much
more evil like

six tails: the cloak grows another tail there
voice continues to get darker sounding in this form they can fire more
rounds of scale shuriken from the cloak than in five tails and the wings
can now cause a gust of wind equal in strength to a C rank wind style

seven tails: the cloak grows another tail and the chakra
cloak turns a into a darker black chakra than in the previous forms some
parts of the jinchuriki's skin start turning into dragon scales
strengthening there defense even more also there tails grow sharper so
there capable of stabbing enemies with the chakra tails now

tails: the cloak grows another tails voice become even darker more
scales form on there skin they can now blow a gust of wind with there
wings equal in strength to a B rank wnd style jutsu and cause a
magnitude 6 earthquake

nine tails: the cloak grows another tail
dragon scales start forming the wings of the cloak rather than Drago's
actual chakra they can fire more rounds of scale shuriken there voice
becomes even deeper and the jinchuriki grows about 5 inches more in size
stating that the transformation is almost near

ten tails: the
cloak gains another tail near the final form the jinchuriki is
completley coated in dragon scales the chakra aura is completley
replaced by the scales as well and can blow gusts of wind as strong as
an A rank wind jutsu and cause magnitude 8 earthquakes there voice now
sounds simalar to Drago's

you can go bijuu mode version 2 in any tail number from 1-10 unlike
some jinchurikis who cant go version 2 until a set
number of tails
have grown

one tail: the jinchuriki's skin peels off showing a
mini human sized dragon formed out of nothing but blood the jinchuriki's
sense of smell increases as if they were an actual dragon capable of
smelling the scent of a person or blood 15 meters from where there at

tails: the jinchuriki forms one tail and some muscles begin to cover
over the blood the jinchuriki can now smell an enemy or blood 20 meters
away from them and Drago's wings begind to form on there body out of
muscle tendonds as well

three tails: the jinchuriki grows another
tail and is completley covered in muscles they can now smell things 35
meters away from them and can now fly with the newly formed wings they
have and there skin is now so intense that by just touching the
jinchuriki will give you 1st degree burns

four tails: the
jinchuriki forms another tail and cartilige and body tissue start to
form around there joints the jinchuriki can now smell things 40 meters
away from them and there speed is doubled

five tails: the
jinchuriki gains another tail more tissue begin to form around the
joints and the beast can now cause a magnitude 6 earthquake by smacking
the ground

six tails: the jinchuriki grows another tails and they
grow 4 inches larger than they usually are and can cause magnitude 7
earthquakes small bones start to form around there body like the finger
bones and some parts of the spine and skull begin to grow

tails: the jinchuriki gets another tail and the skull,finger bones and
spine of Drago have formed they can now cause magnitude 8 earthquakes
and can fly much higher than usual and grow 5 more inches than usual
showing that Drago is almost ready to appear

eight tails: the
jinchuriki grows another tail and every single other bone grows around
the body into the whole skeleton they can now cause magnitude 9
earthquakes and fire balls of wind from there mouth as strong as a B
rank wind jutsu

nine tails: the jinchuriki gains one more tail
and Drago's organs begin to form such as the heart,liver etc. even if
there peirced they wont die there body is so hot that enemies can get
3rd degree burns by just being 15 meters around the jinchuriki they can
also smell things 1 kilometer away from them

ten tails: another
tail emerges and skin completley envelopes the jinchuriki's body and
they grow about 55 inches larger showing that Drago's about ready to
come out they can now cause magnitude 10 earthquakes and fire wind balls
as powerful as a A rank wind jutsu along with skin a couple pathces of
dragon scales begin to form in this form they can now fire Drago's 10
tailed menacing ball


tails: the jinchuriki completley transforms into dragon they grow
another 70 feet in height they can now smell things 2.5 kilometers away
from them they now have acess to most of Drago's jutsubut there speed
decreases a little but can still move very fast in this form they have
acess to Drago's 11 tailed menacing ball

final form the 11 tailed
skeleton Drago: the jinchuriki goes even further and transforms into
Drago's true state a skeleton dragon ow they have acess to every single
jutsu the bijuu posses and can now use there bones for combat if a bone
is broken off they can just re attach it by connecting it with chakra
strings in this form they can fire Drago's true menacing ball

BIJUUS JUTSUS (i have access to these jutsus when transformed:
blood bullets
muscle absorption
muscle parasite
10 tails menacing ball
true scale shuriken
hurricane flare
elementus cannon
11 tails menacing ball
final transformation
bone kunai
bone sabers
11 tails true menacing ball
skeleton seperation
11 tails cannon fire

Specialty:all ninjutsu,taijutsu genjutsu and weapon master

Kekkie Genkai: the Drakinkyugan, the Eternal Drakinkyugan

Clan: the Dragonia clan

History: Dj is the son of the former Dragkage A.K.A the 2nd Dragkage the first kage being the founder of the village and first member of the dragonia clan Drakin when he was born his parents recieved surprising new about him when he had his first X-ray the doctors notified his parents that about 65% of his chakra network was completley entangled and tied around itself into the middle of his stomach area they said he could still use chakra normally but he was the first to have this condition so his parents never worried about the problem until around the age of 2 his parents started seeing scarier images or demonic like phases in Dj so they had him checked again when they slooked where his chakra network was entagled was 65% of the newtwork the same part that was entangled was no longer there however in its place was a tiny grayish black dragon with 11 tails sleeping inside of him which was inside of a giant cage like cell they new of his problems immediatley was that he was a jinchuriki of the newest discovered beast the 11 tailed demon dragon but what was the amazing fact was that Dj's beast was the only beast to ever be naturally created inside of the host and that the reason for it not showing when he was first examined because when he was first born the dragon must have been inside of an egg like dragons are when first born and they could not see the egg for the egg was wrapped around the chakra newtwork explaining why his was entangled when Dj was 5 he thought having a beast inside of him would be fun he thought of the dragon as a pet or a friend sleeping deep inside of him so at the time he gave him the nickname Drago and with him and Drago his skills were amazing for at the age of 7 not only did he master every single dragon art ever discovered from Drakin but he also became an ANBU black ops at the age of 7 at the age of 5 he was a jonin and at 6 a jounin which he also activated all 3 stages of the drakinkyugan at the age of 7 then at disbeleif by his mother who father had died in a fight with the akatsuki who found Dj and tried to capture him to seal his bijuu but failed and retreated he became the 3rd and current dragokage at the age of 9 however being a young boy who only sought out for fun and playing with his friends was to much work for Dj usually staying up til about 2AM from signing treaties,papers,etc. and tired of all the work wished to take a little break in between days however the villagers were upset and the elders denied his request frustrated by anger for doing everything that the townspeople wanted to do he was overwelmed by Drago and completley transformed he killed everyone his friends,loved ones,except his mother who sacrificed her own life to help Dj take control of Drago and go back to normal upset he decided to leave his village to train continuosly so he could train better with Drago at the age of 11 him and Drago finally decided to write a bijuu contract stating that Dj would have completle control over Drago when trasnformed and has the choice of letting Drago take control whenever he wishes in return Dj promised Drago at least 1 human sacrifice and also allowed Drago to continuosly feed on his own chakra since Dj had a very large chakra flow Drago was satisfied with just one sacrifice and agreed to the deal slowly him and Drago grew a bond of friendship somewhere along the road at the age of 12 Dj met Ozzy Osbourne who met Dj before for he saved his life after he was attacked by 3 A rank criminals before so Ozzy wished to join Dj with his journey and Dj agreed then at the age of 14 Dj,Drago,and Ozzy returned to dragongakure to grow the village once more and still live there today however the village really was dead so Dj Drago and Ozzy all left the village and destroyed it so no one could find the secrets of the Dragonia clan and they formed Akatsuki Ozzy being the second member (i will be roleplaying as both Ozzy and Dj Dragonia ill make Ozzy's clan,summonings etc.)

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Kucarugi Minaru
Kucarugi Minaru

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PostSubject: Re: Dj Dragonia   Thu Jul 08, 2010 8:41 am


for those of you who think its godmodding to have hose things...he made aspps that where aproved, so you can do the same
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dragoon master dj

dragoon master dj

Posts : 47
Join date : 2010-06-21
Age : 23
Location : where do YOU THINK IM AT!!? O>O

PostSubject: Re: Dj Dragonia   Fri Jul 09, 2010 11:23 am

weapons: dragon
dagger of death: this is a very small dagger the handle looks
like a
although it is very tiny it means its easy to
carry making you
to carry many more weapons also the dagger
has the ability to have
run through it but differs with
each nature fire- the dagger
in flames both cutting and
burning the victim, water-the blade
water running around
the blade making clean cuts so clean that not
blood flows
from the wounds,earth-clunks of rock and dirt envelope
if cut the dirt will run into the wound and infect the
blades sharpness increases with the gale force wind
making much
cuts,lightning-the blade becomes much sharper through
vibrations making deeper cuts also if stabbed the foe
paralyzed for one turn the sheath for the dagger also resembles a


rank: C

cost: 45 ryo

image of dagger:

knuckel hook: this hand guard looks almost like a dragon and not only
it defend the hand and can block blades it also has 2 offensive
on one of them is a long row of sharp spikes resembling the
down the guard the other one is a retractable hook at the

of the guard representing the tail though it has no special features


cost: 30 ryo

image of knuckle hook:

dragon bladed hand:
weapon resembles the
claw of a dragon it has 5 fingers each
one sharp knife on the ends
of each cabaple of tearing flesh
causing deep wounds this claw can
have the users chakra run
it to extend the claws sort of like
how asuma's chakra
trench knives could do if he ran his chakra
through them it
be held by the hand from the hollow opening at the
end of the
sort of like how asuma holds his chakra enhanced trench


cost: 40 ryo

image of claw:

the dragon staff
this staff has a
sculpture resembling a dragons skeleton at
tip of the staff it is
used by mastering the jingu staff
style and can be deadly if
used properly the staff itself
made of actual diamond making it
sturdy enough to make huge dents
in 3 inch thick steel walls without
even having a scratch on the
itself as an added bonus the dragon
skeleton structure has
points in the ends of the bones capable of
slicing foes so now

they have 2 things to worry about get smashed by the
diamond hard
or get shredded to bits by the bone spears


700 ryo

image of staff:

hidden dragon knife
when not in use
the necklace that is around the user neck
like a dragons head but
when the user wishes to use it the
pulls out the stream of fire
made of metal inserted in the
the part that looks like flames
is the handle of a small
hidden within the necklace it is very
useful for assasinations

and to quickly pull out a weapon and surprise
attack the foe


cost: 35 ryo

image of hidden
knife necklace:

dragon star
this shuriken rather than
normal ones with 4 sharp points
has 5
little knifes rather than points
which are retractable like
fuma shurikens blades are for easy
storage the knives deal more
than the points of shuriken and with
more that means its
to hit the target the middle is an image of a
dragon on it
than an open hole

rank: D

cost: 25

of dragon star shuriken:

dragon ring knife:
is a standard lokking
ring users wear on there fingers like
rings however the top of
the ring is a dragons head which has
tiny little knife extending from
the head they can be used like
knuckles to punch the foe cutting
them since humans posses 5
on each hand a ninja can posses only
10 and below of these
1 for each finger

rank: C

35 ryo each

of dragon ring knives:

sword rapier: a
sword rapier resembling a dragon the blade is
very very light

and easy to hold which makes nimble and fast strikes
capable of
multiple hits in a matter of seconds

rank: B


650 ryo

image of sword rapier:


blade: this finley crafted blade resembles a dragon in
it has wings at the end of the handle that are very small just
the blade is special by slicing the air the user will
shockwave emmited from the blade to the opponent bashing them the

blade is also strong by itself it can peirce through a 4 inch thick
wall also by stabbing it into the ground the sword will cause a
eruption of flames from undergerground singing the foe


cost: 1450 ryo

image of blade:

dragon doom scythe:
scythe resembles the
neck and skull of a dragon the head has
sharp edges dealing tearing
flesh damage the scythe is able to
holes in the earth though the
holes are very small about the
size as the fire style: fire ball
jutsu technique these holes
actually dimensional voids sending
anything sucked into them to
dimension it ca even suck up jutsu
into another dimension
this power can only be used twice per
battle the scythe has a

long reach capable of mid-short range combat as

rank: A

1550 ryo

image of doom scythe:

dragon chain whip:
whip is made of metal
and resembles a snake dragon the part the
user holds is by the ring
connected to the head and uses the rest
the body as a whip at the end
of the tail is a small tail blade
for stabbing the foe the whip
itself is dangerous too it is
of hardened crystal infused metal and
can bash opponents the
can even tie up the foe leaving them open
to attacks


cost: 450 ryo

image of chain
whip: Spoiler:
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dragoon master dj

dragoon master dj

Posts : 47
Join date : 2010-06-21
Age : 23
Location : where do YOU THINK IM AT!!? O>O

PostSubject: Re: Dj Dragonia   Fri Jul 09, 2010 11:24 am

armors and clothings dragon
underworlds armor: this armored suit is said to be created by
dragons of hell it sure looks like it came from hell it makes
the user
look like a big bulky demonic metal warrior the armor gives
the user
superior strength capable of causing major dents in 4 inch
thick steel
walls without adding chakra to taijutsu this armor can
also not be
affected at all by any B rank and below fire style jutsu
however A rank
and above fire jutsu will still cause damage the
armor also adds +90
defense to the wearer of this armor


cost: 4500

image of the armor:


chestplate: this is a simple chestplate armor that has the image of a
carved into it it only adds +30 defense to the user and will
any kunai or shuriken that hit the chestplate

rank: B

800 ryo

image of chestplate:

boot greaves: these greaves resemble a dragon and are worn over the
greaves worn by everyday shinobi the wearer will gain +35 speed
+20 defense wearing these greaves

rank: B

cost: 750

of greaves:

greaves: these dragon greaves resemble the scales of dragons and
much more efficient than the dragon boot greaves they are worn over
the normal greaves worn by everyday shinobi these greaves give the
+55 speed and +45 defense

rank: A

cost: 1350 ryo

of greaves:

dragon gloves:
these are simple leather gloves that cover only the hand
of the
wearer the fingers are still showing the top of the glove is
rowed with many sharp spikes that can puncture the foe


350 ryo

image of gloves:

dragons cloak: a cloak worn
by the like a
sleevless jacket the cloak adds +10 speed and +5
power to the wearer


cost: 300 ryo

for cloak:

cavity shield: this shield is shaped like the head of the dragon
the horns would be are opened holes that go from one side of the
to the other there are 2 holes each hole stores one sword in them

so the shield can also hold 2 swords for easy reach when needing a
the shield itself adds +35 defense to the wielder

rank: B

850 ryo

cost: 850 ryo

image for shield/sword holder: Spoiler:
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Kucarugi Minaru
Kucarugi Minaru

Posts : 113
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PostSubject: Re: Dj Dragonia   Sun Jul 11, 2010 10:14 am

It was already approved
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PostSubject: Re: Dj Dragonia   

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Dj Dragonia
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