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 Nick Tsukihara

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Nick Tsukihara

Nick Tsukihara

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PostSubject: Nick Tsukihara   Sun Jun 27, 2010 7:08 am

Name: Nick Tsukihara

Age: Unknown

Height: 3'6

Weight: Unknown


Rank: Genin


Basic Academy Jutsu
Tail Chakra
Grandpa Belly Bash
Chakra Gulp
Bijuu Consumption -Unusuable-

Specialty: Genjutsu

Kekkie Genkai: Tsukihara

Clan: Tsukihara

History: Despite his childish appearance, Nick is in fact the original creator of the Tsukihara Clan, and ancestor of the other members. When he was only a small boy his home village was threatened by an entity known as the Calamity Fox. This creature was a rogue fox summon that became a terrible threat to the world. Viewed as an outlaw by his own species, and a monster by the villages, he demanded sacrifices and ransoms to hold off his attacks. In the end Nick tricked the fox and used a secret jutsu of his clan to consume it. This was not a normal seal, and resulted in his bloodlines current form. The Calamity Fox was believed destroyed, though some believe it still lives within Nick's body, and could revived one day. Due to defeating it, Nick and his descendents have been considered honored friends by summoned foxes ever since. He was never able to use this jutsu again, due to his transformation. Despite moments like this, showing his talent, Nick is a complete and utter slacker in general. He's incredibly lazy and has never even bothered advancing past the rank of Genin. He's also noticably fatter then his descendants. He claims this is due to having the majority of the Calamity Fox's chakra, and so it bloats him more. But most of the clan think it's more his laziness and huge appetite then anything else. But regardless, most of them respect their lazy little grandpa and realize he's far smarter then people take him for.
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Kucarugi Minaru
Kucarugi Minaru

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PostSubject: Re: Nick Tsukihara   Sun Jun 27, 2010 8:10 am

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Nick Tsukihara
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